Friday, March 6, 2015

Doodles and Pan Pastels

With a world of white outside, I find I'm turning to bright colors more and more.  Dina Wakely has a new release of stencils and these circles are from one of those stencils.  With a Fudi pen the circles were traced and then doodles were done on the top half of the circles.  The bottom half was colored in with Pan Pastels.  Bright colors seem to cheer me up!

Shadow Stamp Background

We just got this stamp restocked at the store.  It brought to mind this card that was made with this quote.  The background was created using solid block stamps and various colored pads.  Very soft color, medium tone, and bright colors were all used to show how each looks using a solid stamp.  Inks were overlapped and the colors did interact with each other.  Such a fun and easy way to make a background.  A Hero Arts solid block set was used.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dare 2B Artzy stamp

As I write this, it is snowing to beat the band.  Oh my, not the way I like to see March.  So, as I sit under my lap blanket looking at the swirling snow coming down so thick there is nothing open and no place to go, it was really nice to take a breath, and go stamp something fresh and happy.  This set was perfect.  The flower was colored with Momento inks and stamped.  The colored in with Prisma pencils.  The decorative swirls were inked and off stamped first, then stamped on the page.  Now I think I'll go stamp myself some more spring cards.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Back with a Bang

Hi folks, my break was a lot longer than I anticipated.  Will go into the whys a little further down, but for those who want to know just about the card, here is the info.  Can you tell I'm fighting the winter blues (and dreary gray for that matter)?  Nothing better to help with that than turning to Dylusional inks and stamps.  All stamps are by Dyan, and the coloring was done with reservoir pens filled with full strength Dylusion spray inks.  The background color was created with sponged on Momento Luxe pads.  A white pen finished off the image.

Now, for those who were wondering... Take heed to my story!  Just days after my Dad died, I was on the computer when a message appeared telling me my files had be encrypted and would be unable to open.  I had been pirated out of all my information!  They were demanding money and said if I didn't pay they would destroy my files.  Hate to tell you, but this is happening more and more.  How did this happen?  I think it was an email sent to me that requested I open  an attachment to see a purchase order.  It's like giving keys to robbers.  Once they are in you're a gonner.  Lessons out of this- Do not open attachments that are for an invoice. And do not open attachments from anyone you are not expecting an email from even if you know the person.  (Call and make sure they just sent it)  So, now we have a brand new computer of which I am having great trouble getting to upload my pictures. (Hence why I haven't been posting)  Also, backup all your info Daily- we had most of our info backed up so we only sent very dark thoughts and a few curses to the thieves, no money.  Since they had the info into our computer though, we had to go buy a new one.  (sigh)   Still working on trying to upload, so if I'm not as frequent, you'll know why.  Been making cards, so hope to get them up soon.